Garanti Bank manager appears in court

The ex manager of Garanti bank’s Nicosia branch is currently on trial in Turkey, where he  is accused of embezzling some 6,000,000 TL cash from the bank.

Mr Mahmut Karimis testified to the court that he has been an employee of the bank for twenty years and was recently promoted to General Manager of its Nicosia branch.

As part of his duties, he travelled to the Ataturk airport branch of Garanti Bank where he collected cash in different currencies, totalling over 6,000,000 TL. He claims that he was due to return with this cash to the Nicosia branch. However while having lunch, he was received a call from the Human Resources Department of Garanti Bank who told him that he was being removed from his post. Shocked at the news, he decided to disappear with the money he was holding.

Mr Karimis then contacted two friends, who are appearing in court as accomplices. They helped him get to Istanbul and book a hotel there, where police tracked him down and arrested him.

The accused has has made a full confession to the court and says that he now realises the error of his decision.

Police investigations continue.

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