GC landmine maps not accurate: Nami

According to the military who examined the Greek Cypriot maps showing the location of landmines in the Besparmak Mountains, the maps are inaccurate, negotiator Ozdil Nami says.

President Nicos Anastasiades said the maps should be handed over to the Turkish Cypriots as a Confidence Building Measure.

Nami went on to say that it was not possible for landmines to be present in the places they are shown to be. Further, some of the locations had buildings on them, while other areas were farm land.

He explained that there were two types of landmines; those which were closer to the surface of the ground and which would have exploded by now. Others, such as anti-tank mines, which were deeper in the ground were being examined by the authorities.

Earlier this week, Kibris Postasi published an interview it had with an ex-lieutenant who had been injured in a landmine explosion.

Veteran lieutenant Sermet Akdağ who was wounded by a landmine allegedly laid by Greek Cypriot forces in August 1974 said that the Beşparmak Mountains had been cleared of mines.

He said that back in 19974, immediately after the incident where he was seriously injured after the landmine exploded, which also killed three soldiers, a specialist team from Turkey cleared all remaining mines.

One area, he said was the well-known tank site, which he said had been sealed off by the Turkish army and another was a site which he himself had secured.

Kibris Postasi

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