GC Man confesses to Murder of Seven Females

A Greek Cypriot man Nicos Metaxas, who has confessed to the murder of seven females, two of whom were children, has said that he killed the daughters of two of the murder victims in order to leave no witnesses.

Last week he gave a ten-page handwritten confession to the Greek Cypriot authorities confessing to the murders.

The body of Mary Rose Tiburcio (39) was the first to be discovered in a mine shaft in Mitsero, on 14 April. Her daughter, six-year old Sierra Graze Seucalliuc is still missing.

The other child, Elena Natalia aged 8, daughter of Livia Florentina Bunea, a Romanian national, had seen him when he went to Bunea’s house, Metaxas said.

In case any crime was ever revealed, I didn’t want her her to be able to identify me and tell police who I was”, he told police.

Specialist divers have recovered a suitcase from the bottom of a highly toxic red lake, near the Mitsero mine on Sunday. It contained the decomposed body of an adult female. The remains are believed to be that of Livia Florentina Bunea.

Efforts to retrieve a second suitcase have been hampered by extremely poor visibility in the lake water. According to Cyprus Mail, Metaxas told the police that he had dumped three suitcases, each containing a body into the lake.

Metaxas is said to have also confessed to killing two Filipino women whose bodies were found in a shaft at the Mitsero mine, 14 km from the site at Orounta

A five-member team of experts from Scotland Yard experts are expected to assist in Metaxas’ interrogation.

The British team includes a pathologist, a clinical psychologist, a special counsellor with experience in such crimes, an investigator specialising in serious crime, and an expert in complex cases.

It has been speculated in the Turkish Cypriot press, that another woman, whose badly decomposed body was discovered near Ercan Airport early in January of this year, may also have been one of Metaxas’ victims. It is thought that she might be Vietnamese national, Dam Thi Hop, who has been missing since October 15, 2017. She had been babysitting that evening and was not heard from again after she left the house, reports say.

The only body that has been positively identified is that of Mary Rose Tiburcio.

The other missing persons and potential murder victims are:

Sierra, Tiburcio’s six-year-old daughter; her body has not been found.

Ariana Palanas Lozano, 28, from the Philippines.

Maricar Valdez Arquila, 30, also from the Philippines.

An unidentified woman – said to be from Nepal or India – whose body was found in a firing range in Orounta on Thursday, the location pointed out by the suspect in custody.

Livia Florentina Bunea, 36, from Romania, whose remains may have found in the red lake in a suitcase.

Bunea’s daughter, eight-year-old Elena Natalia.

Cyprus Mail

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