Geçitkale airport may open for cargo transportation

Minister of Communication and Transportation Kemal Durust, has said that there are no problems concerning the tender for Ercan airport and added that his ministry is following developments on this issue very closely. “It is out of the question for the agreement to be postponed. Everybody is doing their part. The works at Ercan airport continue very well”.

Durust also added that his ministry is looking at the possibility of opening of Geçitkale* airport for cargo transportation. “This is a very large and breathtaking project. It is on the agenda for the region to be declared a transit region. We should not underestimate this project”, Durust said, noting also that the agreement with Turkish Cypriot businessman Asil Nadir who owns Geçitkale airport, has been renewed.

*Geçitkale Air Base is a military airfield used by the Turkish Air Force in Northern Cyprus. Construction was completed around 1990. During the renovation of Ercan International Airport between September 2002 and May 2004, it served as Northern Cyprus’ primary civilian airport.


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