Gecitkoy Dam Environmental Concerns

Environmental concerns have been raised about the destruction of centuries-old olive trees at stone quarries in the Five Finger mountains. The quarries are being used to extend the Gecitkoy dam as part of the water pipeline project. However, the extraction of stones is causing irreversible damage to many trees in the area.

Local citizens say they are in favour of the project to bring water from Turkey but are extremely concerned at the lack of care with the forests. When the project began they were against destruction of the olive trees and wanted the trees to be re-planted elsewhere, but the authorities were not interested. The Government currently sells the uprooted trees  to coal manufacturers for 200 TL each.

Dogan Sahir, Head of the Greenpeace Movement says that with proper planning the quarry works could minimise the destruction of trees, and in particular, he recommends the planting of new seedlings in the area.

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