Gecitkoy reservoir nearly three quarters full

Turkey has supplied 19 million cubic meters (mcm) of fresh water to the TRNC under a landmark water supply project, according to the Turkish Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry. The reservoir at Gecitkoy is nearly three quarters full.

The Turkey-TRNC water project was officially launched in 2011 and aims to provide water to the TRNC for the next five decades.

The investment cost of the Alakopru and Gecitkoy dams for the project are close to 80 million Turkish Liras, roughly $36.6 million, and the project will supply around 75 mcm of water to the TRNC annually.

The water supply to the island began last October and has continued without interruption under a protocol between the two countries.

Officials also say that 23 out of 28 municipalities wishing to use the water and who have signed subscription agreements with the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Kyrenia, Dikmen, Lefke, Gonyeli and Akincilar councils have yet to subscribe.

At the same time, the construction of drinking water distribution pipes in Famagusta and Karpaz peninsulas is 99% completed, while feasibility studies for the remainder are continuing.


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