TRNC General Election – Updates

Election – Final Results 09:20

The election results were fully determined last night. All 670 polling booths have been opened and counted. The final results are:

CTP: 38.37%

UBP: 27.3%

DP: 23.11%


BKP: 3.21%

The CTP party of Sibel Siber established an early lead during the night and maintained it throughout. They have now emerged as clear winners.

Another winner on the night was the DP party of Serdar Denktash which doubled its vote.

The UBP party of the last government took a hit from voters in reaction to the allegations of incompetence and corruption. In fact the previous prime minister and party leader, Irsen kucuk, appears to have failed to win in his constituency.

LGC News calculates the seat allocation of the 50 strong parliament to be:

CTP 21, UBP 14, DP 12, TDP 3.

Therefore the CTP, while in the lead, cannot form a government on its own and will be forced to create a coalition. Their most likely partners will be the DP party as these two worked well together during the limited term of the interim government.

It is interesting to note that 21 of the 50 MPs elected are brand new and there have been a number of significant failures. The most significant of these is Irsen Kucuk who is still nominally the UBP party leader. This is the first time in seven elections that he has been turned down by voters.


Election Day 23:31

With 629 ballot boxes out of 670 now officially counted, the current numbers continue to suggest a victory for the CTP party.

CTP-BG : 38.49%

UBP : 27.16%

DP-UG : 11.23%

TDP : 7.41%

BKP-TVG : 3.26%


Election Day 21:48

At this time, nearly 90% of the ballot boxes have been opened and the results counted. At this stage, the CTP party currently headed by Ms Sibel Siber has a clear lead with just over 38% of the votes. The full breakdown is as follows:

CTP-BG : 373843 – 38.42%

DP-UG : 226057 – 23.23%

CPB : 31,308 – 22.3%

TDP : 72,288 – 7.43%

UBP: 264065 – 27.14%

If the percentages hold until the end of counting, then the number of seats has been calculated by LGC News as:

CTP-BG: 21

UBP: 14

DP-UG: 12

TDP: 3


Election Day 20:35

245 polling booths out of 620 opened and analysed so far:

CTP-BG : 37.34%

UBP : 29.38%

DP-UG : 23.25%

TDP : 6.85%

BKP-TVG : 2.83%


Election Day 20:03

With 57 out of the 620 polling booths opened and analysed, the latest results are:

CTP-BG : 18,746 votes – 33.54%

DP-UG : 13,839 votes – 24.76%

BKP-TVG : 1209 votes – 02.16%

TDP : 3439 votes – 06.15%

UBP : 18,540 votes, or 33.18%

The results will be updated as they are announced


Election Day 19:53

The general election voting process is over. Voting which started at 8am finished 6pm today.

From 7pm onwards, result predictions will start rolling in.

Just before the polling stations closed, participation was estimated to be 61% with Nicosia having a particularly low turnout.

The turnout has been particularly low this year. It was even lower than the 67% achieved in 1991. The 1991 results were lowered by the non- participation of the CTP and TKP.

The first unofficial estimates of the voting have been obtained by LGC news.

They show CTP – 40.8%

UBP – 28.5%

DP – 22.1%

TDP – 6.3%.

BKP – 2.3%

We would remind readers that CTP is the party of Ms Sibel SIber.

Election Day 16:43

A statement released to the press by Newar Nolan of the Supreme Electoral Board says that the latest participation rates are:

Nicosia: 42%

Famagusta: 52%

Kyrenia: 48%

The average rate for the TRNC is 50.79% – significantly up on earlier predictions.


Election Day 15:00

The Supreme Election Board President Newar Nolan reports that voting is going on at a calm and steady pace.

and said that further updates will be provided 4pm.

He also noted that participation rates are currently unexpectedly low with Nicosia ,Kyrenia and Famagusta seeing just a 20% turnout.


Saturday 27th Jul 2013

The early parliamentary general elections will be held tomorrow.

The last general elections were held on April 19th 2009.

In all there will be 50 MP’s elected. The number of eligible voters is 172,803 and there will be 670 election booths throughout the TRNC.

Five major political parties are in the contest, with 250 candidates as well as 7 independents competing for votes.

All election propaganda must end at 6pm today.

Voting rules will start tomorrow and continue until 7pm. This includes a blanket ban on the sale and drinking of alcohol. All restaurants will also be open for food only, not alcohol.

Voting itself will commence at 8am and last until 6pm

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