German NGO group visits TRNC for investment purposes

Turkish Cypriot President Dervis Eroglu yesterday met with a delegation from the ‘Diplomats International’ non-governmental organisation, which is visiting North Cyprus by invitation of the American University of Kyrenia (GAU), ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

In statements before their meeting with President Eroglu, the chairman of Diplomats International, Gunter Meinel (on Eroglu’s right) said that efforts should be exerted for reaching a solution in Cyprus and the unification of the island on the basis of equality.

Meinel noted that they want to attract investors from the industrial sector in Germany to North Cyprus and added that they are expecting more support on this issue from the USA and the UN.

He said the voice of the Turkish Cypriots should be heard in order for the Cyprus problem to be explained in a better way and added that, therefore, they plan to invite Eroglu to Germany. Meinel then invited President Eroglu to visit Germany. He noted that they could mediate in order for Eroglu to have contacts in Germany and added that during these meetings the President would have the opportunity to put some problems on the table.

Meinel stated that since their last meeting with Eroglu, he had become an “official adviser” of the UN and his working tempo is more intensive and tiring now.

He noted that they are working together with the GAU’s rector Serhat Akpinar and that they want to attract students from Europe and open a school of diplomacy in North Cyprus. Meinel said that diplomats are educated in Europe as well, but their target is to draw more attention to what happens in Cyprus and turn Nicosia into a main centre of diplomatic education. He noted that they will bring the four best teachers in Europe to this school and offer an education at European standards.

In his statements, GAU’s rector Serhat Akpinar also said that they want to open a school of diplomacy in Nicosia and that they will make Eroglu their honorary president.

On his part, Eroglu expressed his satisfaction with the fact that Meinel is interested in the TRNC and added that the opening of a diplomatic academy in North Nicosia and the efforts to attract German investors to the TRNC makes them happy. Eroglu said that he will respond positively to Meinel’s invitation as soon as possible.

The Diplomats International delegation met also with Prime Minister Ozkan Yorganciolgu, deputy Prime Minister, Serdar Denktas and the Minister of Education, Mustafa Arabacioglu.

Meile told Yorganciolglu that he had come to Cyprus three years ago, saw the “injustice” and wants to help. He argued that their aim is to “unify the two sides at the same level” and expressed the belief that they will succeed.

Yorgancioglu described as “a very important development” the opening of a school of diplomats in North Cyprus, pointing out that diplomacy is an important means “in promoting the country and its people to the world“.

Denktas briefed the foreign delegation on the problems they face in exporting goods even to Turkey. He noted that the most important problem is the lack of a laboratory for granting certifications and carrying out controls. He said that they plan on solving this problem with the establishment of a Turkish Cypriot Standards Institute. Denktas pointed out that the biggest problem they face in the field of education is the fact that they cannot be included in the Erasmus Programme*.

*An EU student exchange programme.

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