German tourists plant saplings

The Tourism and Environment Ministry, in accordance with its alternative tourism programme, organised an event called ‘a sapling for every tourist’.

At the event, 90 German tourists who were visiting the TRNC, had their names placed on 90 saplings and planted them at the Taşkent Nature Park.

The Minister for Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu said that they aimed to promote Northern Cyprus through a variety of different events.

He expressed the hope that the tourists will gain wonderful memories during their trips to North Cyprus before leaving the country.

Explaining that they have been working for some time now to promote the culture of the TRNC, Minister Ataoğlu said that through alternative events they aim to further promote the country.

The German tourists who planted their sapling were given an IP number so that they can use the parks surveillance cameras to keep an eye on their saplings.

Meanwhile as part of the ministry’s alternative tourism projects, an artichoke harvesting event at Türkmenköy will take place and a strawberry picking event will take place at the Yeşilırmak village.


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