Get rid of the coalition government urges Ozersay

Kudret Ozersay People’s Party (HP) Chairman has called on MPs to oust the coalition government.

The coalition has signed off on illegal acts and have made many mistakes and have been negligent, something they have not acknowledged, he said.

According to Ozersay, there has been no other government which has passed so many laws which contravene the Constitution and had them reversed by the Supreme Court.  He accused the coalition of having no interest in the people but of being self-serving and only looking after its own relatives and its party members.

Amongst other things, citizenship has been granted to those who do not legally qualify, public land has been distributed illegally and contracts awarded to companies without first putting out tenders, he said.

Most of the decisions that this government has taken since the day it was established have either been withdrawn or reversed by our courts as they have violated the law.”

If the opposition did not rid the country of the coalition, ultimately they would share the blame in the damages done to the country, said Ozersay.

Yeni Duzen

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