Gezici Pollster Threatens TAK News Agency

Murat Gezici, owner of the Gezici Research Company which has been conducting opinion polls on the upcoming elections in the TRNC, has issued a threat to the Turkish Cypriot News Agency (TAK), He said that after the elections TAK, which did not publish the results of his latest opinion poll with the justification that they do not publish opinion polls, said that TAK will be “cleansed” of FETO supporters.

The Director of TAK, Dr. Neriman Saygılı stressed that no one, regardless of location, has the right to blame or threaten an institution or its employees.

She also expressed her willingness to follow what should be done within the framework of the law.

In a written statement she said:

Turkish Agency-Cyprus (TAK) is the official news agency of the TRNC and since the day it was founded, it has become the voice of Turkish Cypriots. You do not publish without being sure about the facts, ensuring that the people and organisations that are involved in the investigation are not humiliated. These are ‘basic principles’ and are under the control of supervisors and editors who are experienced managers, who have devoted their years to this profession.”

She said she wondered where Mr. Gezici has gained his power and threatened the state news agency and what it means to “clean it”.

Dr. Saygılı added that TAK has filed a criminal complaint with the police.

Meanwhile, Kibris Postasi, on its front page alleges that “Murat Gezici has come from Turkey many times and manoeuvred the elections with his secret financiers. He will try to shape the election results using the undecided vote. He does not pay taxes… He will insult the elected deputy prime minister as ‘drunk’!”. The paper further reports that in addition to this, he threatens TAK and its employees that he will cleanse them of FETO followers.

On the same issue, columnist Ali Baturay, writing in Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (08.12.17), under the headline “You have scared us too; Gezici threatens, slams…”, argues that Gezici first alleged that the deputy prime minister is “drunk” and now he threatens TAK because it did not broadcast the results of his opinion poll.

Baturay further argues that he will not comment on the fact that Gezici carries out his opinion polls in the TRNC and he does not pay taxes, because the authorities will deal with this, but he does not have the right to make threats, especially a state in which he earns money. The columnist made a comparison between him with other Turkish businessmen, who make investments in North Cyprus, and they all see themselves as superior. Baturay writes that unfortunately, they think like this: “We are here for you, we have saved you, we are feeding you, why do you resist?”.

Baturay concluded that if they do not stand on their own feet as a society and they are constantly in need of Turkey, they will continue to be treated in this manner.

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