Global exchange could solve property issue: Denktaş

Preparations are being made to bring about a new proposal to solve the property issue in the Cyprus negotiations, Democratic Party (DP) leader Serdar Denktaş has said.

Speaking during a meeting with the Cyprus Existence Movement. He said that the fundamental issue in the negotiations was that of property. He noted that comments and reports in social media and the press had begun to disturb the public and divide opinion. Denktaş said that concerns over the property issue had virtually brought the construction industry to a halt. He pointed to recent statements made by the President Mustafa Akinci and his team on ‘individual rights’ on property.

Pointing out that the right of user was the only new element of the property issue in the negotiations; Denktaş said that there was an effort to define the right of user as an individual property right.

Referring to the fact that the late founder of the TRNC, President Rauf Denktaş had accepted the individual property right; the DP leader said that the property right had only been accepted in the context of global compensation exchange.

Denktaş said therefore, it was with this in mind that they had prepared a proposal for the issue of property by adopting the global exchange system.

Explaining that there was a total of 450 thousand dönüms of land belonging to Turkish Cypriots in South Cyprus and that together with the temporary title deeds, this figure reached 600 thousand dönüms, Denktaş said that studies regarding the temporary title deeds should be made under the heading of confidence building measures.

Denktaş said that the easiest way to solve the property conundrum was through global exchange, an issue that the late founder of the TRNC, President Rauf Denktaş had insisted on.

“As the Democrat Party National Forces we have formed a committee that will work on the property issue”, said Denktaş and called on NGO’s to shoulder responsibility and carry out studies.


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