Google to Scan North Cyprus Roads For Street View

Google maps - streetview - camera

Google will scan the roads in North Cyprus, adding the north of the island to Street View, Yeniduzen reports.

The data obtained will be published on Google Street, Google Earth and Google Maps platforms. 

Minister of Public Works and Transport Erhan Arıklı said that the roads in North Cyprus will be made visible worldwide.

Arıklı and Fact Innovation and Technologies Ltd. Director Sadi Yolgeçen have signed a protocol for the roads in the north of the island to be included on Google platforms.

According to information provided by the Ministry, Arıklı stated that thanks to the protocol, the country’s main roads, divided roads and roads within the district borders will be scanned with a special vehicle and camera and the obtained data will be published on Google platforms.

Arıklı said, “This project will offer the opportunity to introduce the touristic and economic potential of our country to a wider audience. “By exhibiting the roads of our country through Google platforms, we will provide significant convenience to potential visitors and investors”, he said.

Fact Innovation and Technologies Ltd. Director Sadi Yolgeçen expressed his pride in the project and said, “Introducing our country’s technological infrastructure worldwide and enabling us to explore Northern Cyprus more closely through digital maps is a source of great excitement for our company”


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