Government accused of flouting citizenship laws

A debate was held at the assembly on the subject of the granting of TRNC citizenship by the coalition government.

Dogus Derya, deputy for the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) accused the government of handing out citizenships in an arbitary fashion, without taking into consideration the state of the country, its infrastructure and the pressure on services. She also said that recently 643 persons were granted TRNC citizenship along with their families, noting that this multiplies the number of the persons who have acquired TRNC citizenship.

Derya also said that citizenships were granted in the past as well but there was no information on the subject and praised newspapers like ‘Yeni Duzen’ which recently has brought this issue to light.

She said that granting citizenships was the result of nepotism in the past and accused the council of ministers of following similar practices which, in her words, “is distributing citizenships every week as if it was distributing halloumi”.

Replying to Derya’s accusation, Minister for the Interior Kutlu Evren, stated that the government does not “distribute citizenships according to its own arbitral”. Evren said that “a person can apply to become a TRNC citizen” after living in the TRNC for a period of 11 years.” He did admit that if an adult becomes a TRNC citizen, then his or her children who are under 18 years of age, will also become a citizens.

Yeni Duzen

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