Government accused of illegal land grabbing

Chairman of the association for safeguarding the property rights of displaced Turkish Cypriots Taner Dervis, has said that the legitimate property right holders have reacted to the recent increase of allocating land in the TRNC.

He explained that the provisions of the TRNC constitution give priority to the right holders for property of equivalent value, to grant them immovable property and also envisage compensation for revenue loss and the nullification of extra-legal implementations.

Dervis who meet with Speaker of the Assembly last week, said that he had filed a case with the Constitutional High Administrative Court in order to see that the rules are properly implemented.

The Turkish Cypriot right holders for property of equivalent value have been mistreated, Dervis said. He noted that despite the fact the Turkish Cypriot property rights holders have priority to be allocated land, apparently, the land is being parcelled out in a way that can only be described as “political corruption”.

Dervis argued that it is unfair that five thousand donum of land is allocated to a single institution, and accused the government of being guilty of the biggest act of property looting in recent history.


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