Government accused of turning a blind eye to ISIL militants in Cyprus

The general secretary of the United Cyprus Party (BKP), Abdullah Korkmazhan has said that the reports published in the international press that Islamic State militants are travelling to Syria via the TRNC were “worrying”.

In a written statement, Korkmazhan asked the Republican Turkish Party/National Unity Party (CTP-UBP) government to investigate the issue as soon as possible and take measures.

He noted: “If the information that Islamic State militants used the northern part of Cyprus as a crossing point is accurate, it is not possible for the North Cyprus government, which possesses six intelligence organizations, thousands of troops and police, not being informed and not having given permission”.

Korkmazhan said that if it is assumed that the allegations are correct, it is obvious that the authorities have “turned a blind eye” to the transfer of Islamic State militants to Syria through the north.

Kibris Gazetesi

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