Government Blamed For Prescription Fraud

Filiz Besim
[Former Minister of Health – Filiz Besim]
Monday, 25 September 2023

Former Minister of Health and CTP Deputy Dr Filiz Besim said that the case of prescription fraud had cast a shadow on September 25 World Pharmacists Day.

In a post on social media, Dr Besim said that the UPB coalition government, which had been in office for five years, had failed to make the proper investments in the health services.

She blamed the government for the prescription fraud because a lack of proper control and accounting of prescription drugs had laid the groundwork for the fraud.

Besim pointed out that doctors and pharmacists had gone the extra mile to help patients despite the lack of any proper system.

She also said that “It is unacceptable for the Ministry of Health to remain silent in this way while there is such huge corruption in health“.

Besim called for urgent action by the government on this matter saying the following:

Prescription fraud, which has surfaced for a while, has both injured the public conscience and deeply upset us, the healthcare community. Our greatest expectation is that everyone involved in this corruption will be tried and justice will be served.

“However, our duty as a society is to support Pharmacists and Physicians who practise professional ethics, make the rule of ethics a way of life, and always put their patients at the centre.

“Let’s not forget that; There are 360 ​​pharmacies, 72 pharmaceutical warehouses and nearly a hundred privately employed physicians in this country. We have to demand the necessary laws and sanctions without damaging these professional groups.

“The groundwork for corruption was prepared during the 5-year UBP-DP-YDP Period…

“The Pharmaceutical Department has not allocated a sufficient budget to purchase medicines for two years.

“Cancer patients waited desperately for medication for months.

“Many chronic patients have been without medication for months and are still alive.

“The Medicine Tracking System was not established.

“The state did not perform its inspection duty. In this process ….there are pharmacists and physicians who are tearing themselves apart to help patients.

“Healthcare workers working at the expense of their health during the pandemic period…

Urgent action needed

*The Pharmaceutical Pharmacy Department of the Ministry of Health must have sufficient medicines and doctors in all hospitals and health centres.

*Patients who need to take chronic, continuous medications should be given at least three months’ worth of medications, both in public and private hospitals.

*The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labour, Social and Security should immediately establish a crisis desk together with KTTB and KTEB in order to prevent patient victimisation until the investigation is concluded successfully.

It is unacceptable for the Ministry of Health to remain silent while there is such a huge corruption in health, Besim concluded.


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