Government drops minimum residency requirement for citizenship applications

The UBP-DP coalition government has decided that the persons who have a work permit and have lived in the TRNC for 11 years and who hold no criminal record, will have the right to apply for TRNC citizenship.

The limit for applying for citizenship, previously set by the former coalition CTP-DP government, was 12 years.

With the new regulation 1,200 persons have the right to apply for TRNC citizenship for the current year. Next year 1,995 will have the right and two years later 1,304 persons will also have the right to apply for citizenship.

Additionally, when a person applies and is granted citizenship, his/her spouse and children are granted citizenship as well.

Currently, there are already 35,000 people who have completed ten years residency in the TRNC and are waiting to apply for citizenship.


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