Government failing to educate the young on road safety

Last week, a 64-year-old man became the latest victim of a road traffic accident in the TRNC.

This latest incident has increased road deaths in the north to one fatality every week. Salih Celal died whilst driving near Salamis and became the tenth victim since the beginning of the year.

Head of the Association for a Traffic Accident-Free Life (TRAKAYAD) Huseyin Sevay, told the Greek Cypriot daily ‘Cyprus Weekly’ that there are still gaps when it comes to educating people on road safety. He added the TRNC government has failed to put into effect road safety education programmes in schools.

We have offered our help on many issues, but it appears that the politicians do not want to listen. Unfortunately, people in the administration seem to have their own interests at heart as opposed to serving the public.”

He added: “It is not enough to become a good driver in the north. The traffic system is so horrible that the smallest mistake on the road may result in the loss of life or a lifelong injury to someone.”

Meanwhile the number of road traffic accidents in the TRNC is around 60 per week.

In December 2016, the Turkish Cypriot community witnessed mass demonstrations over the deaths of two school children on the Kyrenia-Besparmak road when their school bus was struck by a lorry.

Cyprus Weekly

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