Government has raised minimum wage by 26%

The current government has raised the minimum wage by 445 Turkish Lira in total since taking office, Minister of Labour and Social Security Hamza Ersan Saner has said.

In a written statement on the issue, Minister Saner said that the UBP-DP coalition government had introduced a 26% raise to the minimum wage in the past year bringing the current wage to 2,175TL.

He said that the decision to raise the minimum wage to 2,175TL was taken with a majority vote after workers’ representatives and the state representatives agreed on a proposal to reflect the 7.68% rise in the cost of living.

Saner pointed out that employer representatives had objected to the increase.

Minister Saner added that the government had first raised the minimum wage by 104TL when coming to office in June 2016, followed by a second 186TL raise in February 2017 and the latest 155TL raise this month, bringing the increase to a total of 445TL in the last year.

There are new and satisfactory efforts by our ministry to support employment in the private sector. Our goal is to enable the private sector to be attractive so as to en encourage local labour employment”, he said.


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