Government faces major upheaval

The UBP led government is under serious threat of being toppled on Monday following  a number of political developments on today.

Head of TDP, Mehmet Cakici came out with a press statement today, saying that Prime Minister Kucuk had been making desperate attempts to divide the opposition before Monday. However, he claimed that the opposition parties have 27 votes between them and they only need 26 to topple the government.

He also accused Mr Kucuk of spending around TL 500,000 on his latest jaunt to the US.

Meanwhile head of the DP, Serdar Denktas, said that from Monday, Kucuk would not have a government. There would only be a technical process required until early elections are held. He advised Kucuk to stop commenting on the Cyprus problem as he had no longer had any authority.

Dr Ahmet Kasif, head of the rebel group within the UBP said that they had enough signatures to topple the government and that he had reached an agreement with the opposition parties.

He said that his group did not have any problems with their UBP party only with its management and with Mr Kucuk.

Meanwhile, Mr Kucuk met with senior party members this afternoon and the meeting ended without any press announcements.

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