Government needs to find 42 million TL shortfall

Serdar Denktas, leader of the minority coalition party DP has said that there is a shortfall of 42 million TL.

Denktas, who is to become the new finance minister in the newly formed coalition government has said that 42 million TL is needed in order to pay the April salaries.

Noting that that the process has begun in order to cover this deficiency without help from Turkey, he added: “We will undertake duties by April 26 and thus it is not possible for the economic protocol to be signed in two days”.

Asked to outline the new government’s priorities, Denktas said that some of them will be to lift bureaucratic obstacles in the country, to create an environment that facilitates additional investments in the TRNC and to restore the country’s ties with Turkey.

Referring to the Cyprus negotiations, Denktas said that there had been no problems with President Akinci regarding the formation of a new government. Akinci defends the country’s rights at the negotiating table with goodwill, he added.


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