Government not to blame for KIB-TEK problems: Says Tatar

Yesterday, the head of EL-SEN (the electricity workers union) Caglayan Cesurer, announced that the TRNC could have no electricity within 20 days.

Mr Cesurer said that KIB-TEK would run out of fuel oil required to run the Teknecik power plant by then.

Today Finance Minister, Ersin Tatar, issued a counter statement. He warns EL-SEN not to get into “a duel” with his Ministry and calls on KIB-TEK management to put an end to this issue. Mr Tatar says that the Ministry of Finance has fulfilled all its obligations and that it is not responsible for the problems at KIB-TEK. He continues that the demand for electricity is growing daily in the TRNC and that different sources of energy should be created so as to reduce costs. He specifically mentioned solar power and wind power.

Mr Tatar points out that in Turkey, electricity is produced from coal, hydro-electric power and solar energy. He maintains that once the electricity supply is transmitted from Turkey to the TRNC along the pipeline being built, then prices here will drop.

While acknowledging that KIB-TEK has serious problems, Mr Tatar says that these are not the fault of his Ministry.

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