Government Plans for Gecitkale Airport

Geçitkale airport is a valuable asset of the country and cannot be abandoned to decay, Minister of Communication and Transportation Tolgan Atakan has said.

He told Ada TV that his ministry was considering different alternatives for the airport including using it for aircraft maintenance, or for cargo transport or for aviation as a hobby.

Atakan stated further that it is necessary to have an active and usable airport in the country in case of war of for natural disasters. He underlined that today, the main problem with Geçitkale airport is the supply of mains electricity. However, the minister added that, as he was informed, the necessary works will be launched as soon as possible in order to solve this problem.

The minister also said that he would have a meeting in the near future with the company which has signed a contract with the ministry in order to discuss the company’s plans and programme for the airport.

North Cyprus News - Asil NadirIn September 2016, Turkish daily ‘Milliyet’ announced that Asil Nadir would operate cargo only services for 20 years, at the airport. The airport was opened for commercial passenger flights when Ercan airport was undergoing refurbishment between 2004-2006. It is not clear whether or not this agreement remains in place.

Referring also to works taking place at Ercan airport, Atakan stated that works continue intensively. He further said that their goal is for the work at Ercan airport to be concluded during the second half of 2019 and added that it had been decided that 15 November, 2019, a symbolic date (Republic Day) will be the date for the inauguration ceremony.

Kibris, Milliyet

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