Government Resigns Tatar to Find New Leader

North Cyprus News - Faiz Sucuoglu
[UBP Chairman – Faiz Sucuoğlu]
Sunday, 1 May 2022

UBP Chairman Faiz Sucuoğlu has informed President Ersin Tatar that his government has submitted its resignation.

Making a statement after meeting with Tatar at the Presidency, Sucuoğlu noted that the President will do what he has to do within the framework of democracy. Saying that he is not offended or upset, Sucuoğlu said, “Duties are temporary, health comes first“.

Saying “Good luck, we will watch the next process together“, Sucuoğlu said that President Tatar will appoint the necessary person.

Yesterday Sucuoğlu said that he had met with the UBP board and they agreed that they would not sign any agreement with the two other minority members of the coalition government in order to gain their endorsement. Therefore he would be handing the task of establishing a new government back to President Tatar.


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