Government signs new agreement for Ercan

A new agreement has been signed with Turkish owned Tasyapi company which won the tender to modernise and extend Ercan airport.

The Minister of Public Works and Transport, Ersan Saner said that doubts had been created by statements made by opposition parties in regard to the contract with the Turkish company. The opposition has declared that it would nullify the transfer agreement should they come into power.

In view of these statements, Tasyapi asked for an additional agreement to be signed.

Mr Saner said that Tasyapi would be submitting a program of works stating when each new stage would begin. He added that there would be very heavy penalties applied if each stage was not completed in time.

In response to allegations by the opposition that Tasyapi would walk away from their contractual responsibilities before the completion date in four years’ time, Mr Saner said that the government reserved the right to nullify the agreement should there be any breach of contract.

We have taken 116 million Euros in advance for four years; and after the four years, 47.8% of the turnover will be kept by us”, he concluded.

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