Government Slams New PYD Rep’s Office in South

North Cyprus News - Faiz Sucuoglu - Labour Minister
[Prime Minister – Faiz Sucuoğlu]
The decision by the Greek Cypriot Administration to permit the PYD, the political arm of the terrorist organisation PKK to open a representative’s office in South Cyprus, has met with strong reaction by the current Turkish Cypriot leadership and Turkish ministers, BRT reported.

Prime Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu stated that the Greek Cypriot Administration, which is also a member of the European Union, is endangering both peace on the island and surrounding region with this initiative.

Sucuoğlu invited the Greek Cypriot Administration to abandon the steps that support terrorism and not to test the joint power of Turkey and the TRNC.

In a written statement Prime Minister Sucuoğlu said that it had been observed that the Greek Cypriot side had taken new steps to threaten the peace on the island and had further fuelled the hostility between the two Cypriot communities.

The Greek Administration, which allowed the PYD to open a representative office in Southern Cyprus, has adopted has a pro-terrorist attitude, he said. This move will lay the groundwork for illegal activities, said Sucuoğlu.

The prime minister went on to say that those who underestimate the power and determination of the Republic of Turkey should know that the Republic of Turkey and the TRNC have the strength and determination to give the necessary lessons to all kinds of terrorist activities.

Sucuoğlu said the following:

While it is not surprising that those who went down in history with the armed terrorist acts against the Turkish Cypriots between 1963-74 and now carry out many activities harbouring terrorism, it is understood that they ignored the historical unity of power created by the unbreakable ties between the Republic of Turkey and the TRNC.

“The freedom to operate by opening an office to this bloody and murderous network is a new page in the history of the Greek Cypriot Administration that feeds terrorism. It should be known that the Greek Cypriot Administration, which is also a member of the European Union, is endangering peace, both on the Island and in the region with this initiative.

“Therefore, we invite the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus to abandon the steps that support terrorism and not to test the joint power of Turkey and the TRNC.

In a separate report by BRT it writes that President Ersin Tatar has also strongly condemned the intensification of the PKK/PYD terrorist organisation’s activities on the Greek Cypriot side. Tatar emphasised that it should be strange for an EU member state to allow a terrorist organisation such as the PKK/PYD to set up office in South Cyprus.

Pointing out that the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu had expressed a strong reaction against the PKK/PYD terrorist organisation’s permission to open offices on the Greek Cypriot side and the intensification of such organisations. President Tatar said, “As the TRNC, we have the same reaction. We strongly condemn an ​​EU member’s granting of a terrorist organisation the right to operate with legal permission.

Noting that allowing terrorist organisation activities in the South is a threat to peace, peace and security for both the TRNC and the Republic of Turkey, President Tatar said, “It is not possible for us to remain bystanders to such developments.”

The Middle East Monitor reported the following:

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) has condemned the Greek Cypriot government for allowing a Kurdish militant group to open a representative office in Cyprus’ divided capital Nicosia.

“Reports this week by Cypriot media revealed that the ‘Cypriot-Kurdish Solidarity Association’ was established in Nicosia on 12 January, enabling the Democratic Union Party (PYD) – the civilian and political arm of the Syrian Kurdish militant group, the Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) – to open its representative office.

“According to a report by the Cypriot news outlet Philenews, the press conference that announced the association’s establishment was attended by PYD representative Yassin Tabrous and a member of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) – a designated terrorist group – named Cerkes Korkmaz.”

BRTK, Middle East Monitor

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