Government slow to implement road safety laws

It is the primary duty of the state and governments to protect the life and property of its citizens but this has not been achieved as far as traffic safety is concerned, Traffic Accidents Prevention Association Chairman Mehmet Zeki Avci has said.

The number of accidents recorded in recent years is four thousand, with one thousand injuries and 30 fatalities.

“Bearing in mind that the lack of traffic safety in the country is not because of ignorance, inexperience or physical limitations”, Avci said, “Financial assistance comes from the Republic of Turkey, legal aid comes from the European Union. In fact, everyone knows to some extent what to do to prevent accidents and deaths. The real cause of failure is that the authorities do not show the will and determination to prevent traffic accidents,” he said.

“The Republic of Turkey can successfully implement system changes against traffic accidents. The European Union has been working in the TRNC for 10 years, but those who block their outcomes are more successful. Despite many of the meetings that our Association is involved in, laws are not passed. The passing of time is proportional to the number of lives lost”, said Avci.

“There are EU four statues regarding traffic which include :Driving Education, Permit and Driving Licenses ,Health Regulations; Regulations on Procedures and Rules Regarding Driver’s License Inspectors, Examination and Driving License; Regulation on the Principles and Regulations Regarding Driving Schools and Instructors; 1974 Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Regulations.

“These statutes were passed by the Council of Ministers in May 2017. The decision was made to enter them into force in 2019. Five months later, no work was done on this subject. After 19 months, if there is a postponement, this will be a TRNC ‘classic’.

“Visual inspection of vehicles is incompatible with state legislation”.

Having said that they are working in partnership with the European Union regarding transport of goods, transportation of dangerous substances, vehicle inspection, but that they can not be taken forward, Avci noted: “There are still no technical inspection tools for buses and trucks in the TRNC. Apart from Nicosia, there are no vehicle inspection facilities. It is incompatible with the state’s intention to have vehicle inspections.

“Driver’s license examinations are not translated. Training of driver schools are not organised Many decisions have been taken that block Traffic and Transportation Services Commission recommendations”, said Avci. And the commission was set up to bridge the gap and ensure that traffic statutes are are enforced in law.


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