Government to Investigate Ünsal’s Anachronistic Speech

ahmet ünsal - Head of Religious Affairs
[Dr. Ahmet Ünsal – Head of Religious Affairs]
Saturday, 14 January 2023

The Council of Ministers has decided to launch an investigation into the speech made by the Head of Religious Affairs, Ahmet Ünsal on the duty of women, the contents of which caused an uproar, Yeniduzen reports.

On Monday, Ünsal held a seminar titled ‘The rights and obligations of marriage in Islam’ which was attended by a group of young girls and women at the Polat Pasha mosque. When the contents of his speech became known publicly, there was an outcry of indignation and complaints from MPs and union leaders among others.

The contents of the speech were considered to be outdated and repressive and offensive to modern women. The text of the speech as published by Bugun Kibris is as follows:

Women should marry and reproduce. When a girl finds a match, it is necessary to marry immediately, without waiting.

“Religion tells us to marry and multiply. The Islamic community must be kept numerous”.

Ünsal also said that marriage should bring children and that women “should respond to their men’s desires without hesitation.

The reason for getting married is to procreate, not to have fun!

Women work for men. It is the duty of men to pay for housing, clothing and health. Therefore, the woman must respond to her husband’s desires. Her needs will be met”.

A government minister told Yeniduzen that the government would conduct an investigation into this event. 

The government will appoint an investigative officer and follow this process”, the minister said. 


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