Government Trying to Repatriate TRNC Students

North Cyprus News - Cabinet Meeting
TRNC Cabinet Meeting

The Cabinet met yesterday and expanded the scope of measures taken against the coronavirus. From the perspective of all those entering North Cyprus via border checkpoints, ports and airports are obliged to remain at quarantine centres for 14 days. In this context, around 170 people were transported by bus to locations where they will remain in quarantine.

Foreign Minister Kudret Ozersay said yesterday that the Cabinet had decided to put all those entering the TRNC from abroad, including from South Cyprus, into a controlled quarantine. This decision includes citizens of Turkey and the TRNC. He noted that the measure will also apply to residents of the villages of Pile/Pyla and Beyarmudu/Pergamos, who will also be quarantined if they enter the TRNC.

Referring to those who have visited South Cyprus or Turkey for health reasons, Ozersay said that if it is not possible to continue treating these people at controlled isolation sites, their stay in quarantine will be managed in their homes.

He noted that the government is making efforts to transfer Turkish Cypriot students studying in Germany, France and Spain to North Cyprus via Turkish Airlines. He added that there will be two chartered flights from the United Kingdom on 20 and 21 March and that students will be given priority on those flights. He also said that if space is left on the second plane, people in the UK who for various reasons had been unable to return will be given any remaining seats. These flights are attempting to reach Turkey via the touch-down method; that is not requiring passengers to leave the plane for security reasons as was imposed by the UK government.


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