Government Urged to Negotiate With Livestock Association

Protest supporting animal breeders
[Unions Join Animal Breeders Protest]
The Eastern Mediterranean University Academic Staff Union (DAÜ-SEN) has emphasised the necessity for the government to engage with stakeholders to address the issue of meat imports which, the livestock breeders say, undermines their industry, Yeniduzen reports. In their written statement, DAÜ-SEN highlighted that importing meat is not a viable solution, pointing out that the core problem lies in the inadequacy and inefficiency of local production.

The statement stressed the need for the government to enhance production and efficiency in both agriculture and livestock sectors. It was suggested that this could be achieved through consultations with relevant stakeholders and the development of a comprehensive plan covering short, medium, and long-term goals.

DAÜ-SEN expressed that neglecting to engage with farmers and livestock breeders, rejecting their requests for meetings, and ignoring their protests is unacceptable. The statement underscored that the fundamental step towards resolving the issue is through stakeholder engagement.

The union warned against perceiving imports as a permanent solution, calling it a significant mistake. They urged the government to collaborate with stakeholders to find a lasting resolution. The statement also criticised the refusal of the government to meet while protests are ongoing, indicating that this approach undermines efforts to find a solution and that such an attitude makes problem-solving impossible.

President of Livestock Association - Mustafa Naimoğulları
[Mustafa Naimoğulları – President of the Livestock Producers and Breeders Union]
Meanwhile, Mustafa Naimoğulları, the President of the Livestock Producers and Breeders Union, has announced a temporary halt on the sale of live animals for a period of one month. During a protest in front of the Prime Ministry, Naimoğulları stated that the union held a nearly two-hour internal meeting where they decided to introduce a new form of protest each day.

As part of today’s protest decision, Naimoğulları declared that they will cease the sale of live animals. Starting tomorrow, they will enforce this decision for a month, and farmers who do not adhere to this will face penalties.

He also revealed that they have different protest plans for the upcoming days, stating, “From this point onward, we cannot continue this business with the current prices“.

Naimoğulları mentioned that they are willing to risk bankruptcy, adding, “Minister of Agriculture Hüseyin Çavuş Kelle should celebrate; I will even provide the henna. Prime Minister Ünal Üstel and Finance Minister Özdemir Berova, you cannot intimidate these producers. Abandon this approach, as many places will shut down starting today“.

Furthermore, Naimoğulları noted that instead of discarding milk during their protests, they will distribute it for free in a different village each day. He also said that the authorities should feel ashamed.


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