Government website hacked in favour of protestors

The well publicized hacking group ‘Anonymous’ turned their attention to the Turkish government today. RTUK, a government institution that regulates television and media agencies in Turkey became a target in response to poor reporting of the Istanbul protests.

“you punished those that wrote about the protests, now we are punishing you”

The main website at has been unavailable since the hacking group announced their reasoning via Twitter earlier this afternoon. The website is still down as of 21:15 this evening.

Last Wednesday (June 5th), the same group also hacked the Prime Ministers website ( and is reported to have gained access to Mr Erdogan’s personal email addresses as well as those of staff, including passwords and telephone numbers. A list of those names was made available on the internet, however other personal details were withheld by Anonymous.

The group thanked the ‘Syrian Electronic Army’ for assisting with the attack. They also claimed responsibility for hacking the Ministry of the Interior website and stealing email addresses and passwords which were then published online. The action follows a weekend of similar cyber attacks against various sites including that of President Abdullah Gul, the Istanbul Governor and the ruling AKP party website.

Anonymous originated in 2003 as a loosely associated network of ‘hacktivists’. The group has been held responsible for cyber attacks on various corporations as well as government agencies in the US, Israel, Tunisia and now Turkey. Almost 40 people connected to the group have been arrested in recent years.

Anonymous Occupy
‘Anonymous’ members at the Occupy Wallstreet protests.

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