Gov’t To Purchase Vaccine Freezer Units

North Cyprus News - VaccineA tender to supply two deep freezer units to store Covid-19 vaccines has been opened by the Central Tender Commission.

The European-produced vaccines, some of which will be supplied to North Cyprus, require storage at a temperature of minus 70 degrees C to remain fresh.

Bidders must put their bids into the bid box in the Central Tender Commission meeting hall at the Ministry of Finance building by 10am on Wednesday, january 6, 2021.

The total estimated value allocated for the tender is 228,000TL plus VAT. The specifications related to the tender can be obtained from the Ministry of Health Equipment Branch against a receipt of 1000 TL plus VAT to be deposited at the Revenue and Tax Office cash desk.

North Cyprus is also waiting for supplies of the Chinese-produced Sinovac vaccines. According to a researcher at Sinovac, the vaccine only requires storage at normal fridge temperatures between 2-8 degrees C (36-46 F) and could remain stable for up to three years.

Yeniduzen, Reuters

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