GPS Malfunction Raises Concerns at Ercan Airport

Airplane - wheels down

The nightmarish moments experienced during the Istanbul-Ercan flight once again revealed the fragility of air security. Mustafa Sofi, the Director of the Civil Aviation Authority, addressed the ongoing GPS issues at Ercan Airport, stating, “We currently lack a prognosis for when the issue will be resolved, as similar problems persist in the South as well”, Kibris Postasi reports.

Due to a malfunction in the GPS system at Ercan Airport, the plane suddenly took off again almost as soon as it landed. The fact that the plane had to circle in the air for about half an hour revealed the magnitude of this technical problem.

Ercan Airport is managed by T&T, in which Emrullah Turanlı holds a significant stake.

Sofi, elaborating on the matter to Kibris Postasi expressed concern over the lack of projections regarding the resolution timeline for air traffic disruptions caused by the GPS malfunction.

Furthermore, Sofi highlighted an uptick in signal disruptions in the region, attributing GPS warnings to signal interference, particularly from signal jammers and ongoing conflicts.

He also noted the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s warnings on the issue, emphasising how GPS systems inaccurately pinpoint aircraft locations, leading to erroneous ‘do not land’ alerts.

Sofi underscored that similar issues persist in the South and have recently intensified, echoing the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s advisories on the matter.

He explained, “Although the aircraft is positioned correctly for landing, it receives a GPS warning upon descent, causing understandable panic when a plane, in the process of landing, abruptly aborts its descent“.

This incident further highlighted the critical need for robust air traffic security measures, ensuring the safety of passengers and crew alike.

Kibris Postasi

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