Great Benefits of Turkish Electricity Supply to TRNC

Energy sufficiency and prices, as in every country, affects every aspect of life and are the determinant in the competitiveness of the economy, a written statement by the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Trade (KTTO) read.

The idea of transferring electricity by undersea cable from Turkey is promising from the point of view that it will provide security of supply, lower the electricity prices and will abolish the factors that affect negatively the environment, KTTO said, underlining the importance of showing political will on this issue.

In the statement, KTTO noted that the frequent interruptions because the low quality of the electricity distribution network negatively affect the production of goods and services and create inefficiency in economic life.

When these realities are taken into consideration, it was stressed in the statement that it is necessary to pursue a constant search for the solution of the electricity problem in the TRNC and that the recent discussions should reflect positive attempts to solve the problem.

KTTO concluded by underlining the importance to support every initiative on this matter.


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