Great support for Cyprus settlement at Davos: Akinci

President Akinci has said that the interest exhibited in Cyprus during the Economic Forum in Davos was remarkable.

The President, who returned to Cyprus on Sunday evening, noted that during his meetings with many heads of state and CEO’s of leading world companies he felt “energy and support” for a solution to the Cyprus problem.

In the event of a Cyprus settlement, the support of the IMF and the World Bank will be needed, he said and added that he had met with the heads of these both organisations and both had given him positive replies.

President Akinci argued that 2016 is a year during which all sides will come face to face with reality and added that they are exerting efforts for the process to end positively.

Wishing that the Cyprus problem is solved in the first half of 2016, Akinci argued that because of the parliamentary elections and the election campaign in South Cyprus, the process will come at a “sensitive point”. “If a solution cannot be found in May, it is not the end of the world”, he said, adding that after the parliamentary elections in the South, they could continue from the point at which they were left and end this journey within 2016.

He noted: “We are tired of disappointments. All Cypriots, both in the south and the north, are tired of hoping every time and of these hopes not being materialised. We have to ensure that these are left behind. This is what is expected from us by the young generations”.

Noting that he does not expect the world to create the solution in Cyprus and that the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots are those who will come up with the solution, Akinci said: “We are the main actors in the country. We will create the solution”.

Kibris Gazetesi

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