Greek Cypriot Arrested in North to Face Trial

Andreas Soudjis - arrested
[Andreas Soudjis – arrested]
Friday, 16 September 2022

Greek Cypriot Andreas Soudjis who was arrested on charges of “photographing the first-degree military forbidden zone” and “possession of illegal radio equipment”, was brought before a military court and sent to prison to stand trial, Yeniduzen reports.

When asked, the police told Soudji’s lawyer, Öncel Polili, that there were no charges of espionage being brought against him.

A police officer who gave sworn testimony at the court, stated that Soudjis was accused of “photographing the military forbidden zone” and “possession of illegal radio equipment“.

The officer said that it was determined that Soudjis, who is a political activist, had taken five separate photographs in the “First Degree Military Forbidden Zone” in the Maraş region.

The police said that a walkie-talkie, possession of which is illegal in the TRNC, was found in a hotel room where the suspect was staying in Iskele, and it was given to the police by the hotel authorities and it was determined that Soudjis had crossed to south Cyprus.

The police said that Soudjis was arrested on 30 August when he crossed from Pile to North Cyprus, and that a walkie talkie, nine maps, voice recorders, external memory and materials were found in his vehicle and were given as evidence. Data retrieved from his mobile phone showed five photographs of military zones.

It was said that on one of the maps, two Turkish military zones in North Cyprus were marked.

The police demanded the pre-trial detention of Soudjis, who is a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus.

Soudjis’ lawyer Öncel Polili did not object to his client’s pre-trial detention.

Evaluating the testimony given in his presence, Judge Hazal Hacımulla ordered that the suspect be remanded in custody for a period not exceeding seven days and that he be immediately examined by a doctor from a state hospital.


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