Greek Cypriot building workers seek employment in North

Stagnation in South Cyprus’ construction industry has prompted many Greek Cypriot labourers to find work in the TRNC.

The South’s economic crisis and the fact that many Turkish workers in the TRNC have returned to the mainland, has led to a huge rise in the construction workers from the South crossing the border.

According to reports, Greek Cypriot workers are getting paid 30 euros a day.

Commenting on the issue, Hulusi Harper, chairman of the Construction and Developer’s Association, confirmed that the TRNC is experiencing difficulties with workers in several sectors and said that due to the fact that the construction sector in the South was bankrupt, a huge number of building workers have turned to the North for employment.

Harper added also that the manual labour workforce in the TRNC today is composed of workers coming from third countries such as Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, Cuba and Colombia.

Haberal Kibrisli

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