Greek Cypriot lifestyle survey

A recent survey was conducted into how ordinary lives have been effected in South Cyprus by the financial crisis there.

The survey, carried out in May, covered 718 people from the age of 18 upwards and asked questions to gauge sentiment on a number of issues.

cyprus news - confidence in cyprus banks low
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One question asked¬†‘which expense are you curtailing because of the crisis’, gave a 48% reply of ‘entertainment out at night’, followed by overseas travel (41%).

When asked ‘which sectors do you think will improve the economy’, the answer ‘tourism’ came out as the clear winner with 65% of all votes, followed by ‘energy’.

The survey also showed that a large majority of Greek Cypriots felt that the most secure investment was property and that they ought to remain in the Eurozone.

Perhaps most unsurprisingly was the percentage of voters who had no confidence in the security of their money in any bank.

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