Greek Cypriot mayor queries delay in opening Derinya border crossing

Mayor of Dherynia (Derinya) Andros Karayiannis had queried the “unnecessary” delay in opening the border crossing point after it was announced in May 2015.

We don’t understand why almost nothing has been done so far even though the crossing’s opening is expected to take place on January 1, the Turkish side seems to have completed all preparatory work, we have done the minimum,” he told Cyprus Weekly on the phone.

We wonder whether the Public Works Department does not have the funds even though we were assured by the Finance Ministry that the money is there. Today I’m meeting with officers of both ministries to get briefed, to get an explanation,” he added.

The two Cypriot community leaders announced on 28th May 2015 that two more border crossings, one in Lefke and one in Derinya, were to be opened as part of the Confidence Building Measures.

Cyprus Weekly

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