Greek Cypriot motorcyclists hold demos at borders – updated

Multiple demonstrations are being held over the next few days regarding the anniversary of the 1996 events leading to the deaths of Greek Cypriots *Tassos Isaac and Solomos.

Approximately 800-1,000 motorcyclists from across South Cyprus held demonstrations at the Ledra Palace, Lokmacı and Metehan crossing points in Lefkoşa.

The crossing points were closed between 8:30-10:00am.

The first such demonstration was held at the western end Yeşilırmak Pyrgo crossing point yesterday.

A similar demonstration will be held tomorrow at the Akyar and Derinya crossing points.


* 21 years Tasos Isaac and his cousin Solomos Solomou from Paralimni were killed by Turks during separate anti-occupation demonstrations in Derinya in the same week, in 1996.

Solomou was killed a few days later in a new protest after Isaac’s funeral in Paralimni. He had climbed a flagpole and while attempting to tear down a Turkish flag in the buffer zone, was shot from a balcony on the north side of the buffer zone reportedly by a Turkish military officer.

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