RoC President demands return of Famagusta

Continuing his demands for the return of Famagusta to Greek Cypriot residents, RoC President Christofias said that the conditions set by Turkey regarding the re-population of Famagusta by Greek Cypriots was unacceptable.

“I have great battles for Famagusta at the negotiating table and in the international arena for the immediate return of Famagusta to its residents, prior to a solution of the Cyprus problem.”

“Unfortunately the Turkish side constantly sets unacceptable conditions substantially equivalent either to recognition or indirect recognition of a second state in Cyprus”
he added, indicating that this fact that did not allow the return of the occupied city to its lawful residents.

President Christofias, during the ongoing UN led talks which began in 2008, proposed that Turkey implemented UN Security Council resolution 550 which calls for the transfer of the fenced off area of Varosha to UN administration.

It further suggests that the port of Famagusta should be opened under the auspices of the EU. A move which would benefit the Turkish Cypriots.

The president went on to say that he hoped that the next President of Cyprus would not abandon the demand for the return of either Famagusta or Kyrenia or Morphou.

Turkey, thus far, has rejected the proposal.

The Varosha quarter in Famagusta, was one of the Mediterranean’s most popular and glamorous tourist destinations in the early 1970’s. International stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Raquel Welch and Brigitte Bardot came to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

The population of Varosha grew to around 39,000 residents but at the end of 1974, the town was taken over by Turkish troops and was completely fenced off.

To this day, Varosha remains a ghost town.




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