Greek Cypriot side accused of deliberately dragging out negotiations

The Turkish Cypriot side did not run away from the Cyprus negotiation, Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertugruloglu has said. The Turkish Cypriots want to conduct negotiations that will have a positive outcome, he added.

Speaking to Bayrak TV, Ertugruloglu said that 50 years had been stolen from the Turkish Cypriots with the negotiation processes held thus far. Continuation of the negotiations, under the current conditions, will ensure that the Turkish Cypriots continue living in uncertainty and will remain in “isolation” and under “embargoes”.

It is not possible to achieve a successful outcome to the negotiations if the Turkish Cypriot side is considered a community while the Greek Cypriot side is considered a state, Ertugruloglu said. “Let’s not allow them to steal from us more time. The negotiation process of the past 50 years should be closely examined. We are ready for a partnership but as a state, not as a community,” he pointed out.

Stating that the main objective of the Greek Cypriot side is to continue the open-ended talks, Ertugruloglu asserted that the Greek Cypriot side felt “uncomfortable” when the negotiation talks were stalled, because their aim is to keep the Turkish Cypriot side at the table.

Stressing the need to re-examine the past 50 years of the negotiation talks, Ertugruloglu said: “The Greek Cypriot side has no intention to hold another referendum, neither to say ‘Yes’ to the agreement or ‘No’ for a second time. So considering this, what can we negotiate?” he asked.

Asked about the Turkish Cypriot side’s ‘Plan B’, Ertugruloglu stated: “We cannot make other decisions as long as the negotiation process is kept alive with a number of tricks. As a matter of fact this is their aim. Even if the TRNC continues on the path of its recognition, it can only succeed by having Ankara’s support. We should, by all means. put this issue onto the agenda. What I have realised from our people is that they wish to continue with the recognition path if the negotiation talks yield no result. But in order to achieve, this we need to consult with the motherland. Without the support of our motherland we will not succeed in anything,” Ertugruloglu added.

North Cyprus News - Dervis ErogluElsewhere, ‘Kibris’ reports that former President Derviş Eroglu has claimed that the commemoration of the 1950 plebiscite on Enosis will return in another form. He pointed out that the vote [passed by the Greek Cypriot parliament] to hand the matter over to the South Cyprus Ministry of Education had been rejected by 20 MPs. This demonstrated that the extreme right-wing party ELAM still had influence in the Greek Cypriot parliament.

In addition, Eroglu asserted that the main target of the Greek Cypriot side in the negotiations, is to impose a plan which will return the Turkish Cypriots to the pre-1974 period.  The aim of the Greek Cypriots is to keep the Turkish Cypriot side at the negotiating table while drilling for natural gas begins and then to declare Turkey as the side which abandoned the negotiating table, he said.

Anastasiades thinks of nothing else than stretching out the negotiations over time, he said and argued that the Turkish Cypriots should stick to their red lines at the negotiating table. “Turkey’s effective and active guarantees, effective participation in the decision making bodies and turning the agreement into EU primary law are the Turkish Cypriot side’s indispensable conditions,” he said.


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