Greek Cypriot side lacks political will: Ozersay

Head of the People’s Party (HP) Kudret Ozersay, referring to the abrupt ending of the community leaders’ meeting on Thursday, said that this event reminded him of past meetings.

The Greek Cypriot side claimed that President Akinci had walked away from the negotiating table, however Akinci said that President Anastasiades left the room, slamming the door behind him. A startled Espen Barth Eide, who was also present at the meeting tried to calm things down, but in the end Akinci also left.

Ozersay that the Greek Cypriot version of events fooled no one. President Akinci’s recounting of what happened was very clear. Noting that the Greek Cypriot president had lost his temper in the past, he accused Anastasiades of trying to lead the negotiations into deadlock. He added that unfortunately, the issue demonstrates a lack of political will.


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