Greek Cypriots don’t want to bargain: Ozersay

Former Turkish Cypriot negotiator and candidate in next year’s presidential elections Kudret Ozersay, has said that the Greek Cypriot timetable for the Cyprus negotiations does not coincide with that of the Turkish Cypriots, ‘Star Kibris’ reports.

He maintained that Greek Cypriot President Anastasiades does not want to enter into a give and take process. Speaking to Ada television, Ozersay stated that as regards the Cyprus negotiations: “Anastasiades did not really want to enter into the bargaining stage, the give and take in the negotiations. We, as the Turkish Cypriot side, were the ones who wanted to reach the bargaining stage in February and we are the ones who insisted on this”.

Ozersay went on that the Greek Cypriot side had waited to see how powerful its “natural gas trump card” was and that is why it had agreed to moving into the third stage. He argued: “I describe this as success of the Turkish Cypriot side in a sense. Even after a certain period, we have convinced the Greek Cypriot side to enter into the third stage. We would test whether the Greek Cypriot side was ready to politically share power and wealth with the Turkish Cypriots”.

Referring to his candidacy, Ozersay said that as a person who does not belong to any party, he expects to receive votes from all different sectors of society.

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