Greek Cypriots seeking healthcare in the TRNC

In an apparent reversal of the norm, a number of Greek Cypriots are having treatment for serious medical conditions in the North.

In an interview with Anatolia news agency, the deputy head of the Near East University’s trustee committee, Dr Irfan Gunsel, evaluating the progress of the hospital said, amongst other things, that a number of Greek Cypriots visit the university hospital for medical treatment.

Dr Gunsel said that around 10% of the 500 patients being treated in the hospital come from the South. He added: “Greek Cypriots, who didn’t even take a bottle of water from the Turkish Cypriots, now they trust their own life to the Turkish Cypriots.”

Most of them seek medical treatment for heart and cancer diseases.

Since the economic crisis hit the South, the Greek Cypriot government recently withdrew free healthcare for Turkish Cypriots and other foreign nationals. Anyone who had not paid three years worth of tax and social security payments was also denied free healthcare.

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