Greek Cypriots have “no will to find a solution to Cyprus Problem”

In a statement issued two days ago, President Dervis Eroglu stated that the candidates for the presidential elections for the Republic of Cyprus were not sounding positive about negotiations for an end to the Cyprus Problem. However, he said that the Turkish Cypriot side was ready for negotiations at a new table with a time table.

The President emphasised the point that changing presidents in the South was not as important as changing mental attitudes. He said that the Greek Cypriot Administration was more concerned about mayoral elections in towns on the TRNC border and was not preparing the Greek Cypriots for a solution.

President Eroglu pointed out that although the TRNC is only recognised by Turkey, the TRNC is an independent state with all its organs. He further added that it had been a big mistake on the part of the EU to accept the Greek Cypriots as full members of the EU and being recognised by the EU and the UN, the Greek Cypriots had no real will for a solution. The President said that the TRNC was trying hard to achieve a solution but was suffering because of the international embargoes.

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