Greek Cypriots must respect the Turkish Cypriots or no deal

There were no obstacles to establishing a peaceful future in Cyprus should the Greek Cypriot side respect the rights of the Turkish Cypriot side, President Mustafa Akinci has said.

Akinci repeated that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will continue on its way should Turkish Cypriot rights not be respected.

Speaking at the remembrance ceremony held today for the late Turkish Cypriot politician Osman Örek, the President said that the 1950 Enosis plebiscite carried significant meaning as it was part of the aspiration to unite the island with Greece.

Stating that this was something that could not be accepted by the Turkish Cypriot side, Akinci said that the commemoration of an event which disregarded the Turkish Cypriots’ existence on the island of Cyprus, at schools had caused the reactions.

He said that the talks had entered a stalemate because of the negative situation created by the Greek Cypriot side.

To acknowledge a mistake is a virtue. They should do this,” he said.

The President added, however, that the Greek Cypriot side had taken steps to rectify the situation and that the Turkish Cypriot side would reciprocate with it owns moves.

Pointing out that a social meeting with Anastasiades could take place next week, President Akinci said that the talks could resume once the decision was approved by the Greek Cypriot House of Representatives.

The election drums are beating in the South. April and May will be two crucial months. A peaceful future can only be established if the existence and equal rights of the two peoples are recognised and if it is ensured that actions are not taken that will take us back to those dark days,” he said.

Akinci repeated that the Turkish Cypriot side only wanted freedom, equality and security.

All we want is to be recognised as an equal people. We don’t want anything else,” he said, adding that there were no obstacles to achieving a peaceful future in Cyprus if this was achieved.

He however warned that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will continue on its way if the rights of Turkish Cypriots are not respected.


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