Greek Cypriots must stop the blame game: Ertug

Presidential spokesperson Osman Ertuğ issued a statement yesterday in which he called for the Greek Cypriot side to stop the “blame game”, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

In his statement Ertuğ said that there is an increase in Greek Cypriot accusatory statements regarding the Turkish Cypriots and that “their accusations are far from reality”.

According to Ertuğ  the Turkish Cypriot side,  is willing to discuss any issue or chapter in the negotiations.

“There is no issue or heading that we cannot discuss. It is the Greek Cypriot side who rejects discussing a road map; who avoids the multilateral meeting that is also included in UN SG’s report; who rejects to determine the date for the simultaneous referendums. They are the ones who want to continue the open ended negotiations instead of result-oriented process” said Ertuğ.

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