Greek Cypriots are sabotaging negotiations: Olgun

Newly-appointed Cyprus negotiator Ergün Olgun has said that he took up his duties on Friday, and that he has begun to examine the latest developments in the negotiations, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Olgun pointed out that the struggle for the Turkish Cypriot side is to resume the negotiations, saying that the Greek Cypriot side’s unilateral steps are sabotaging the negotiations.

He stated that in order to gain positive outcomes from the negotiations, the Greek Cypriots have to give up take single-sided steps. “The resources are not only for the Greek Cypriots.” Olgun said referring to the Greek Cypriot’s natural gas exploration and drilling operations in the international waters of the Mediterranean.

Olgun stated that their aims are to create a sustainable and stable climate during the negotiations, adding that the UN General Secretary Cyprus Special Advisor Eide has started the process to rekindle the talks.

Olgun, who recently replaced Kudret Özersay as chief negotiator concluded that: “Our aim is to create a negotiation process in a trustworthy atmosphere without taking one-sided steps.”

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